How to support us in our ongoing fight against animal abuse?


Support us on Twitter
Support our Facebook page
Spread the word on this website

Support us on Twitter

Follow @Anonorpheus and follow other accounts that use one or more of these hashtags:

Support our Facebook page

As we want to spread the truth, we have created a Facebook page (without the graphic pictures/videos).
We believe that Facebook is still a good method for people to share information and thoughts over a wide area.
We ask you to take a look at our Stop Animal Abuse Facebook page and “Like” the page so it will raise our profile in the public sphere.
We provide a venue for an exchange of ideas and to encourage communication
If you feel you want to do more, you can also “Like” the individual posts and/or share them on your on Facebook timeline.
These may seem to be small actions, but when many people do it the cumulative effect will be big.
Again, on behalf of all animals, thanks for helping out.

Spread the word on this website

Share the link to this website or one of its pages/posts to Twitter, Facebook or via email. Get the word out, help spread awareness, so that other people that don’t know the horrible truth can see what is happening out there.

This is no advertisement as we earn nothing based on number of visitors.
However, if many people visit this site we can be MUCH more effective when we need help and support with an issue.

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