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At this moment all costs are being paid by ourself, both technical and operational.

We welcome every form of sponsoring as long as the funder/sponsor has no relation with any animal abuse (you would be surprised how many companies have connections to this). Please check out the different methods to sponsor us and pick one or spread the word via Social Media.


This website needs to have an uptime of 98.5% or more, that of course takes away several hundred dollars per year for this type of hosting. In addition, we use plugins (extensions) that also come with a premium versions. They have a one-time or annual fee that has to be paid. Furthermore, there is quite some money going into the security aspect (yes, this site is under attack 24/7). Last but not least we use ‘friends’ to check for vulnerabilities every now and then, but a 24/7 monitoring system would be preferable.

If you (as a person or as a company) are willing to lend a helping hand by providing us with funds or technology (systems or functions) that off course would be very much appreciated. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Please use our contactform to open a conversation..

No illegal actions or operations will be funded or in any way supported.

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Read this and please sponsor our ongoing fight against #AnimalAbuse & support #AnimalRights http://wp.me/P4IMjX-99 pic.twitter.com/AkPsyTdZHC

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