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Our privacy statement

IP addess

IP addresses are stored for no other reason than identifying (and banning) spammers/spambots.
Obviously, also to identify targeted attacks against this website.

An IP address will NEVER be shared with third parties/organisations (unless IP is malicious), without ANY exception.

Email address

Currently, the only email addresses stored are from visitors that add a reaction on a page or post.
Please use a temporary or disposable email if that makes you feel better or safer.


A bare minimum of cookies is being used.
Other than WordPress-related traffic-analysis, no third parties cookies are used, tracked or enabled.

Google Analytics is disabled on this website.

Go to Chrome –> Developer Tools –> View cookies¬†to verify this if needed.


The pure goal of this website is to provide information, without ‘grabbing’ private/personal information for purposes other than basic traffic analyis or countering malicious activity.

Somehow, this website is being targeted a lot by malicious sources and therefor a combined set of security measures is being used.
This could possibly result in an error, captcha or 404 while browsing this website.

Depending on the amount of attacks, the security level can be raised/lowered resulting in less/more errors, for which we apologize.


For security reasons, we use HTTPS (encrypted traffic) which benefits both website and vistors.
We aim to provide 100% traffic over https and are continuesly working to reach that percentage.

Still having doubts or questions?

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