Gadhimai Festival
Shock factor

The killing fields of the Gadhimai festival in Nepal

Gadhimai festival

The Gadhimai festival is a month-long Hindu festival that is held once every five years at the Gadhimai temple of Bariyarpur in southern Nepal. Around 5 million people participate in this event to ‘please’ Gadhimai, the god of power.

During this festival water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens and pigeons are slaughtered in massive numbers. Approximately 500,000 (yes, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND) animals are killed during this ‘pleasing’ of Gadhimai.

Because the men who take on the role of killing the animals are largely unskilled in the ways of humane slaughter, there is a big concern that the animals are suffering needlessly, and dying slow and painful deaths. After the festival, the meat, bones and hides of the animals are sold to companies in India.

(Shocking) photos of the Killing fields of Gadhimai

Gadhimai FestivalGadhimai FestivalGadhimai Festival
Gadhimai FestivalGadhimai FestivalGadhimai Festival


Copy-paste these pre-fab tweets to Twitter;

During the #Gadhimai festival in Bariyarpur, Nepal, 500,000 animals are slaughtered.

Please don't visit a brutal country like Nepal where 500,000 animals are killed during the #Gadhimai festival.

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5 Comments on “Nepal Gadhimai festival killing fields”

  1. Im sorry but im seeing some really laughable responses. Animals get killed for food. The festival while cruel in most eyes is a religious/cultural act. No one goes to the US telling people The Constituion is wrong and it needs to be taken down. People dont go to England Telling people Drinking Tea is mistreating plants and needs to stop. What im saying is, they live in their country with a religious ritual and u live in yours. Dont go trying to impose ur mindset on them. The 500 thousand animals killed are also not being wasted and are eaten. Same as when the steaks go to commercial freezers and sold at ur nearest walmart. People need to understand the thousands of cultures/religions around the world are different. What u find dispicable they find normal vice versa. Also to the first poster. Ive killed tons of frogs lizards etc as a child. Im not a serial killer. Ur logic is flawed.

  2. Mass violent killings of these animals in India by random individuals sets the stage for future violent behavior. Many of these men find that the frenzied killing of animals gives them a false sense of power which they may like. Serial killers most often start off killing animals and then graduate to humans and most often women or children are the next target because they are weaker. This also relates to domestic violence.
    I am a teacher and I often over hear how young boys love to kill animals and then I watch them as this love of brutality escalates to abusive behavior toward each other and next to the girls in the room and then it’s directed toward me. Making excuses for violence is the same thing as perpetuating that same act.
    It looks to me like vegetarian Hindus are making a five year excuse to get the animals off of the streets because of animal over population. How can a peaceful Hindu agree with these killings? Quit letting animals run the streets and they won’t over populate on the streets.

  3. n India, majority of the Hindu temples stop this kind of activates. We noticed some other countries Like Nepal and rural areas of India, peoples engaged in this kind of cruel activates. This year (2015) onwards Hindu leaders stop this blood festival in Nepal and decided to conduct blood free festival. My humble request is you should study Hinduism. Don’t miss understand us.

  4. I don’t see the problem here?!

    This is not better or worse than what happens everyday in any slaughterhouse everywhere in the world. According to the video the cut right into the back of the neck which immediately cut the nerves and cause instant death.
    I don’t see how wrong this could be done that any animal suffers from this.
    Naturally the transport the fear at seeing other animals slaughtered and so on is horrible for the poor animals.

    But this is the same even in Europe. I’m vegetarian to minimize my need of animal products despite the knowledge that I could do even more.

    I hope you understand my point of view. But any animal product is bound to fear and suffering there are no exceptions especially not in the mass market.

    But it is always good to point things like this out – it hopefully opens some blind eyes.

    Cheers, Martin

    1. The main problem is the amount of animals slaughtered during this month. Also the fact that the killing itself doesn’t always goes ‘succesfull’ leading to extra suffering.
      And indeed, it’s almost the same as any slaughterhouse so I do understand your point of view..

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