The Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2017 is cancelled, or isn’t it?

Yulin 2017
Much to do about Yulin againWith the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival starting at  June 21 we have seen some activists cheering over a statement that the 2017 Yulin Festival was cancelled, forbidden or banned. This is, however, not the case. The Yulin Festival 2017 will still be held from June 21 to June 30 in Yulin, Guangxi, China. ... Read More

A new version of Animal Rights Activist is available, please update to version 2.0

Animal Rights activist 2.0

Update notification Due to (un)expected issues all ARA’s running on version 1.7 or earlier are strongly adviced to update to the current release, namely version 2.0. This update is not to be considered mandatory, but due to the amount of bugfixes and improvements it’s highly recommendable. 2.0 Release notes: Core functions * Decreased amount of emotions which are considered unnecessary. … Read More

Why we shouldn’t fight fire with fire

Fire and Water

Surviving the ‘DarkBreak’ The more active we are in fighting animal abuse, the more abuse we see. Terrible stories are raining down on us, horrible photos keep streaming in and shocking videos keep appearing. It fills us with negativity and it feeds us with more and more anger. We all have (and will reach) a point where we have collected … Read More

Is it right that all hunters are wrong?


Two sides of the story From an ARA point of view, one could state that hunters are killing animals and therefor all of them are animal abusers. For most part this is true of course. Unless the hunting is done for necessary survival (hunger) or self defence (danger). Again we face the issue of the so-called ‘grey area’. Yes, Walter … Read More

How do we fight Animal Abuse?

Fighting Animal Abuse

How to fight? We (ARA’s) are all fighting against Animal Abuse and for Animal Rights and we all use different methods to do this. I sometimes notice that people are thinking that they are not being ‘efficiënt’ enough in their own opinion. My conclusion is that we, as a whole, are very effective because we combine different methods and various … Read More

ARA – Animal Rights Activist

Animal Rights Activist

ARA – Animal Rights Activist Obviously, an ARA is someone who is active in any way against whichever form of animal abuse, cruelty or neglect. This can range from commenting on a Facebook post about animal abuse all the way up to, for example, a die-hard member of ALF (Animal Liberation Front). I am not stating that joining the ALF … Read More

Bears and Lions resued from Gyumri zoo in Armenia

The zoo in Gyumri, Armenia was abandoned by an Armenian oligarch. The two bears named Masha (female) and Misha (male) as well as the three lions named Mery (female), Gita (female) & Zita (female) were left behind to starve.

Canned Hunting; killing a tame lion in a confined area

Canned Hunting

Canned hunting is like buying a cow’s head and hanging it in your trophy room Canned hunting is trophy hunting in which an animal is kept in a confined area, such as in a fenced-in area, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill. According to one dictionary, a canned hunt is a “hunt for animals that have been … Read More

Rhino poaching is increasing dramatically towards extinction

Rhino Horn Ivory

Rhinos could be extinct by 2016-2017 Due to the rising demand of grinded rhino horn used as ‘medicine’ in Asia, there is a big increase in rhino poaching. Several organizations are trying to stop the poachers by caching rhinos and removing the horns. Even military style groups (ex special-forces) are hunting the poachers. But due the immense size of land, it’s … Read More

Animal shelters killing family pets over unpaid fines

Lucy and Jake

Not paying fines can result in the killing of your dog(s) SHEL-TER: a structure that covers or protects animals and that provides food and care for those animals that need assistance. If, for whatever reason, your dog will be seized by animal control and placed in a shelter you might have a serious problem. Let’s say your dog escaped the yard and/or is … Read More

Galgo hunting dogs in Spain are tortured and killed in terrible ways

Calgo dog

Galgo dogs in Spain are killed when they ‘fail’ or after the season ends Galgo dogs are somewhat like greyhounds and used in Spain for (hare) hunting. Unfortunately, when a Galgo dog fails or doesn’t perform as expected it’s considered a ‘disgrace for the family’. In order to ‘fix’ this shame the dog is killed. This killing is far from … Read More

“My best friend was killed” – Simba the dog, shot in Portugal


“My best friend was killed” – Simba the dog, shot in Portugal Meet Simba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. José Diogo Castiço gave Simba as a birthday present to his wife Andreia Mira. A brief introduction.. José and Andreia moved to Monsanto at Beira Baixa, Portugal in 2011 and in 2012 Simba became the father of 9 healty puppies. They had 4 rescued dogs … Read More

The Netherlands bans use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Wild Circus Animals

No more wild animals allowed in circuses! Secretary of State Sharon Dijkstra concluded that the welfare, health and natural behavior of wild animals are badly affected in a circus. The long travels and small living spaces are not right for the animal welfare. This ban focusses on elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, lions, coatis, monkeys, hippos and exotic animals. Ciruses … Read More

Texas cop Kevin Dupre shoots dog Maximus at point blank range


Meet Maximus, a sweet 6-month-old pitbull owned by Amanda Henderson and Quinton Tatum from Cleburne, Texas. Maximus is no longer alive, as he was shot and killed by Cleburne police officer Kevin Lynn Dupre (37). Dupre called the dog (who was sitting in the grass and wagging his tail), and then killed Maximus with three shots. What happened? In August, … Read More

Leo Antony Nopoulos from West Liberty Iowa

Leo Antony Nopoulos

Leo Antony Nopoulos Meet Leo Antony Nopoulos, a 21 year old citizen of West Liberty, Iowa, US; Leo Antony Nopoulos was a roommate of Nate Schloss who owns the 8 week old kitten Fritz that he rescued earlier. Nate hand fed the kitten until Fritz was able to eat by himself. Just to be sure, he setup his laptop camera to … Read More

Rakuten Ichiba biggest wholesaler of Ivory and whale meat

Rakuten Ivory
Who or what is Rakutu Ichiba?Rakuten Ichiba is part of the Japanese Rakuten group, the world's biggest internet service company and owner of (UK) & (formerly / US). Rakuten also invested $100 millon in, launched e-commerce sites in Germany, Austria, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand & China and acquired the e-reader Kobo. The Rakuten Ichiba branch had a revenue of ... Read More

Animal Sex finally banned in Denmark?

UPDATE: Denmark passes law to ban bestiality! Until the new law was passed in april, 2015, sex with animals was still legal in the country as long as the animal was unharmed. Activists claimed the strange law was difficult to prove, and was making Denmark a hotspot for animal sex tourists. Farming Minister Dan Jorgensen introduced the bill in October, … Read More

Desmond Hague kicks and abuses dog in elevator

Meet Desmond Hague; Desmond Hague is (at the moment of writing still) president and CEO of Centerplate, a Stamford-based food services, merchandise and hospitality company, which is providing food and beverages to major sports events like the National Football League teams, three Major League Baseball teams, two National Hockey League teams, three Major League Soccer and one National Basketball Association teams, as … Read More

Stop Animal Abuse and use the Buycott app

Why should you use the Buycott app? Well I can begin telling about the usability of Buycott, the privacy respecting permissions and that it’s completely free but I am pretty sure that it’s more important that with this app you CAN make a difference.

Raycho Dimitrov Ivanov from Topalovo Bulgaria

Raycho Dimitrov Ivanov Meet Raycho Dimitrov Ivanov, a 55 year old citizen of Topalovo (near Asenovgrad), Bulgaria; After Raycho Dimitrov Ivanov discovered that his dog apparently killed some chickens he tied the dog with a rope to the towbar of his car (license plate: PB5730AP) and drived for approximately 16 kilometers until the poor creature died. Nikoleta Angelova, a student, … Read More